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This site was developed by a group of friends. We are professionals working in law, software, film, and video. We are about half men and half women. We are white, black, and Asian. Psychedelics have played an important role for all of us in our psychological development, exploration, and mental health and we felt there was a need for a clear, usable guide for responsible and productive psychedelic use.

This site does not constitute medical advice and, as with any supplement or lifestyle change, you should talk to your doctor first and be extremely aware of how your other health conditions, medicines, and supplements, may impact your decisions.

If you have questions, suggestions, resources you think we should link to, please be in touch. If you have expertise in a particular psychedelic or a particular use of psychedelics, and would like to write a new section for us, let us know. We’re interested in adding sections about ibogaine, ayahuasca, salvia, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, social anxiety, and other topics.

And we are always interested in hearing about your personal experiences, especially if you used this site for guidance.

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p.s. As a side note, we think there’s a real need for a clean, modern, well curated internet discussion forum for responsible and functional use of psychedelics. Existing message boards tend to be confusing, poorly designed, and primarily focused on recreational use. If you are in a position to setup and run something like this, we’d love to hear about it, promote it, and we’d love to give you our thoughts about what would make it work well.


Possession and sale of psychedelics (including mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, and cannabis) is illegal in most, but not all, countries. While we don't agree with the state of drug laws in the United States and other countries, we want you to be aware of them and to be safe. Please do your research.

We believe that these drugs can be hugely beneficial to many people, and we support the efforts of organizations such as MAPS, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the Marijuana Policy Project in seeking to change the laws that restrict their use today.

Until these laws change, however, please be aware that possessing, using, manufacturing, or distributing mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, or marijuana, may be illegal, and in many states carries harsh penalties.