Enhancing Creative Work with Psychedelics

Psychedelics (specifically LSD and Mushrooms) can be extremely helpful to artists or anyone working on creative projects. Because psychedelics help us to see and think without our usual defenses, the artist's ideas are able to sidestep their normal defensive filters (anxiety, competition, fear) resulting in truer, freer, creation. Simply put, the artist is able to hear their own voice more clearly. They know more immediately when they are being real, or being false.

Psychedelics allow us to think outside of the normal framework of time, space, language and the sensory. We may “see” sounds, or “feel” colors etc. This opens a new way of thinking about and communicating emotions and ideas. The artist is essentially given a new language. Psychedelics may also bring forth a new understanding of an individual’s psyche, the physical world, emotional world, spiritual world, and the artist’s role in all four.

For creative work we recommend lower doses, so that you are able to focus. We’d suggest LSD doses at or under 50 mcg, and mushroom doses under .5 grams (roughly 2 small caps or an equivalent amount). As everyone’s sensitivity differs, you may need to experiment to find the right amount for you. When working on a low-dose your goal is not to “trip” but to open yourself to your own ideas.

Because you may be sitting unmoving for long periods of time as you work, your body may be very stiff toward the end of the day. To reduce stiffness or water retention drink plenty of fluids and try to take several stretching breaks. You may even want to work at a makeshift standing desk for short periods of time. Have snacks or light meals readily available. If you haven’t eaten all day and still don’t feel hungry, eat a banana anyway -- keep your energy up! Hunger affects the mood of your psychedelic experience.

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