Psychedelics for End of Life / Terminal Illness Anxiety

Psychedlic drugs allow people to face their deepest and most troubling fear with a level of openness and honesty that is often impossible otherwise. In a very general sense, psychedelics can remove the painful, fearful, and reactionary associations that we all have with traumatic events.

If you are struggling with the mental pain of a terminal or debilitating illness, loss of a loved one, or other trauma, you mind find relief in conscious use of psychedlics. After treatment, many individuals find that they can face the obstacles in their life with a new honesty and openness and can embrace the path they are on, regardless of how difficult it may be for themselves and their loved ones.

Here’s one woman’s story of being treated with mushrooms as she was facing death, described in a New York Times article (see below):

Norbert Litzinger remembers picking up his wife from the medical center after her first session and seeing that this deeply distressed woman was now “glowing from the inside out.”

Before Pam Sakuda died, she described her psilocybin experience on video: “I felt this lump of emotions welling up . . . almost like an entity,” Sakuda said, as she spoke straight into the camera. “I started to cry. . . . Everything was concentrated and came welling up and then . . . it started to dissipate, and I started to look at it differently. . . . I began to realize that all of this negative fear and guilt was such a hindrance . . . to making the most of and enjoying the healthy time that I’m having.” Sakuda went on to explain that, under the influence of the psilocybin, she came to a very visceral understanding that there was a present, a now, and that it was hers to have.

Two weeks after Sakuda’s psilocybin session, Grob (the researcher) readministered the depression and anxiety assessments. Over all among his subjects, he found that their scores on the anxiety scale at one and three months after treatment “demonstrated a sustained reduction in anxiety,” the researchers wrote in The Archives of General Psychiatry. They also found that their subjects’ scores on the Beck Depression Inventory dropped significantly at the six-month follow-up.

To learn how to use mushrooms for treating depression and anxiety, please see our step-by-step Mushroom Guide.

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Psychedelic Psychotherapy for Life-Threatening Illness Anxiety Panel

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