Using MDMA for Military-Related PTSD

Thousands of American soldiers and members of the Armed Forces returning from deployments around the world are experiencing symptoms of post traumatic stress. The condition is extremely common in military service and is extremely painful and difficult to live with.

New research trials with the compound MDMA is showing incredible results in treating PTSD in veterans. Because MDMA is highly restricted, this medicine is not yet available to all soldiers through traditional treatment channels. However, the treatment results are so effective and in such a short period of time that many military veterans are choosing to self-treat with MDMA.

This is a simple guide for military families that are facing PTSD and are looking for more rapid and effective treatment options (or are looking for options with less side effects than traditional pharmaceuticals).

This website is not a recommendation that you should pursue this therapy, nor does it constitute medical advice. Our goal is to simply present current research, the methods that individuals and couples are using to self-treat, and the personal stories of those who have tried this approach.

Our hope is that the academic research and FDA approval process for MDMA will move forward rapidly and lead to approval for therapeutic MDMA use within the next few years. Unfortunately, many families can’t afford to wait that long for effective solutions.

If you are interested in learning how MDMA is used, please see our step-by-step MDMA Guide.

Your Story

To veterans and families of veterans that have already used MDMA to treat PTSD: we would love to hear your stories, and if you are willing, share those stories on this site, so that other people suffering from PTSD can learn from your experience.

Please email us at and let us know if you would be willing for us to share your story on this website (without your name or any identifying information).

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