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Our approach to psychedelics is science-driven. At the bottom of each section of this site, we link to related articles, books, videos, and research studies.


  • MAPS.org
    The leading psychedelic research and advocacy group. They’ve funded and initiated a huge portion of the research on psychedlics over the past ten years. Their current top priority is getting MDMA legalized in the United States for use in therapeutic contexts. They are currently moving through the FDA approval process.
  • Erowid.org
    A huge collaboratively created online database of information about various drugs, medicines, dosages, effects, research, and experiences. A good starting point for researching particular herbs, drugs, and medicines.
  • reset.me
    A wonderful site from Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Amber Lyon, who cured her own PTSD with ayahuasca and psychedelic mushrooms. The site provides journalism on natural therapies for depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, addiction, and other health conditions. Great videos.
  • Council on Spiritual Practices
    An advocacy organization that supports research on psychedelics with the goal of giving people pathways to directly experiencing spiritual and mystical states.

Selected Articles

Many more specific articles appear at the bottom of each section of this site, related to the topic at hand.


Perhaps spurred by the recent research on psychedelics, there has been a surge in the past two years of new books about the science and use of psychedelics. Here are a few books we like, both old and new.

Film and Video

  • DMT: The Spirit Molecule
    Documentary about research studies with the psychedelic DMT. Available on Netflix streaming.
  • MAPS YouTube Channel
    Dozens of videos about research on psychedelics and work towards FDA approval for therapeutic use.

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